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Hanging On

People are scared of darkness, and we tend to get rid of that darkness. Although we thought it would take a lifetime to. Honestly, it only takes a moment for the light to shine upon that darkness. If we allow it.


Sometimes we feel this suffocating sense of wrongness. Anyone who suffers from stress or trauma can experience a mental breakdown. When we are stuck, facing hurdles and unbearable obstacles in life, we tend to get hopeless and depressed. We all lose our mind at some point. It’s all right.


Anyone can have scary thoughts in their minds. However, we don’t act based on our thoughts alone. We assume that they are wrong simply because they are different. It’s a scary thought though. We shouldn’t judge people base on their differences. Humans can be good by nature. But even the good person hurt others.


There’s a thin line that shouldn’t be crossed. The point of no return.


It is important that we should let go of everything every once in a while. For our own sanity. Believe me this is very effective for our mental health.


We just need to get through the obstacles. By then, we can become blissfully happy. We deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Try to remember that, sometimes, ‘less’ is very often ‘more.’ Keeping something simple is essential for one’s progress. Since we tend to complicate things. We often forget the vital purpose of our existence. We lose sight of what we really believe in.


Hope can be found even in the darkest moments. Stay strong and be positive. Be optimistic in life’s challenges. Like the light that devours the darkness. Conquer your fears, take control of your life, and forget the word ‘quit.’ We already have what it takes to pursue what we want in life, and that is strength and courage.


Start each day with a new, positive outlook in life. Be determined, and make a concrete steps one at a time. Believe in limitless possibilities. Be confident, and have faith in yourself.


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My Fears and the ‘What Ifs’

“What if”

A despairing thought lurking in the shadows of my imagination. Thinking of the negative things that could possibly take place but never happened. I was pessimistic, letting my fears sink in. Destroying my heart and mind from it’s tranquil state, overpowering optimism, and letting myself go into a depressive mood. I was thinking about the worst-case scenario. I was stuck, slowly sinking in a muddy sinkhole.


Acting as if everything is fine. Putting on a happy mask, a facade so people around me would stop asking questions I keep on avoiding.


I haven’t visited my WordPress nor written anything for several months, my apologies for that. I stop. I was afraid, if I write how I feel people would pick up the negativity, then causing a domino effect. Spreading negativity to my readers, that I do not want to happen.


My father was hauled into an ambulance, while on the way to the hospital the ambulance care assistant declared “no response”. As my mother narrated the details of what transpired that time, I felt totally numb. I keep telling myself not to cry, to be strong, and to stay hopeful. My father had his second stroke, the first time was five years ago. I didn’t know how to deal with the situation then, because I didn’t know how to handle my emotions either. I needed to talk to someone, I was so afraid, but I don’t want to be a burden to someone else. I didn’t want my family to know how fearful I was back then. My father showed signs of progress the next day, getting better day by day. That gave me hope.


While my father was still recuperating, the news of terrorist attack flooded most social media, TV and radio stations. From where I live 37.9 km away, war-torn Marawi City its death toll has now breached the 600 mark. For more than three months of on going war, people are devastated, Marawi City is left in ruins. Every now and then helicopters flew overhead, and now I am getting used to hearing it everyday.


Yes, things doesn’t go as you want them to be,  you worry too much. But you know you need to have a better attitude towards the situation.


As I recall myself thinking, what if my father didn’t make it? What if my father was paralyze? What if his brain had been affected from stroke? What if the terrorist attack my city? What if the war broke into my city? What if we are force to leave our homes? What if some of my friends were affected by Hurricane Irma and Harvey, I have no news from them. What if my friends leave me? And who wants to become my friend when I’m carrying a whole load of baggage? What if I die today? The unending ‘what ifs’ keeps popping up, fuelling my fears more and more.


I let this two words control myself, wondering will I be okay? Letting it surround my thoughts, causing anxiety and depression. Making me feel miserable.


“The fears we didn’t face become our limits.” This quote from Zig Ziglar made me realize I become my worst enemy. What happened?!?!?! I was a positive thinker before.


As Dustin Meyer stated on his article The Ultimate Guide to Self Motivation, “The biggest thing that will help is not being negative toward yourself. If you are negative you only will bring yourself back down, and you will be less motivated. So, just being positive about any outlook and rewarding yourself will prove to be a tremendous help.”

From <http://www.theevolutionarymind.com/ultimate-guide-to-self-motivation/>


Another article of Dustin Meyer helped me go through my struggles. He wrote in his 10 Motivational Quotes, “Remind yourself that all the suffering and hardships you go through is worth it in the end. No matter how many hardships you go through, how many people tell you you’re wrong or how many times you fail, just remember that you’ll find that it’s more than worth it in the end.

“The only person you are destined to become is the person who you choose to be.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Think about it this way: If you never go through hard times in life, than how can you expect yourself to be prepared for the challenges that lie ahead? Like I said earlier, your ability to react to failure is what makes you stronger.”

From <http://www.theevolutionarymind.com/10-motivational-quotes/>


All of this happened for a reason. I am taking each day as it comes, to keep reminding myself to be positive, to be hopeful, and to start again. To look forward to the positive possibilities of my future.
What matters the most is you strive to become better no matter how hard things get, go forward with a greater sense of purpose.


Photo credits to the owner http://awatrees.blogspot.com.

Photo credts to the owner http://awatrees.blogspot.com.

Become Someone You Are Proud Of

Live according to your fate. Re-evaluate your life. Break away from everything that is trying to control you and from holding you back.
If there is something you wish to protect,

become stronger.

You must be strong in order to fight,

be unyielding.
Do not believe in frail hearts of people, or else you will remain unable to do anything.
Be tough.

Be resilient.

Be strong willed.

Become someone people can rely on.

Be committed.

Be devoted.

Be dependable.

Become someone people can trust.
Be someone who is firm and resolute to pursue one’s dream. A steadfast person who commits to one’s beliefs. Unfaltering and persistent to achieve one’s goals.
Be bold, be brave, and be someone you yourself can be proud of. And when you do, thank yourself you’ve come this far.


Is it Self Admiration or Being Boastful and Conceited?

When someone is over confident and think highly of oneself, some people tag that person as conceited, egoistic, and boastful. I oppose to this kind of negative thinking. 
People with high self confidence are the most influential motivators, with the most accomplishment in result performance level. People with high level of self confidence, has high expectation about one’s future capabilities.
People with great minds admire people with high sense of self-worth. Admiring one’s self greatly helps you succeed in life. 

When people boast and brag, it’s because they have something to brag on. They are confident enough to challenge other people to also accomplish and acquire what they have. Positive thinkers view this as way of motivation.
If you cannot admire yourself, who will?

If you cannot acknowledge your worth and accomplishments, who will?



Siate Felici

Siate felici is an Italian phrase meaning to be happy. There are so many reasons to be happy. You just have to discover that reason.
Happiness is a choice. Nothing and no one can stop you from being happy if you choose to become happy. Enjoy life. You were born meant to enjoy life and be happy.

As Buddha once said, “Learn to let go. That is the key to happiness.” I’ll definitely agree with him. As one learns to let go of all the things that makes you sad, is the surest way to stay happy. Learn to let go of things that you tried to hold on to which is no longer good for you. Let go of the past, focus on the present, and move on to create your future.

Learn to accept yourself. Only when you accept yourself, the world will accept you. Trust yourself. Trust your instincts, and your abilities. Trust good things will happen in your life that will make you happy.
Always be grateful that you get to experience happiness, and precious moments worth living for.

Always remember to keep on smiling. Be the reason that other people are happy, because it make you feel happy as well. When you are happy, it draws good things towards you. 

Happiness that radiates from within, brings out true beauty of oneself.

Photos credits to BrainyQuote and Ziglar Vault.

True Worth

“Winning or losing an argument, receiving an acceptance or rejection, is no proof of the validity or value of personal identity. One may be wrong, mistaken, or a poor craftsman, or just ignorant. But this is no indication of the true worth of one’s total human identity: past, present and future!” 

~ Sylvia Plath ~

It’s not about how much you earn, or how high your position is in your company. It’s not about your net worth, or how massive your assets are. It’s not about how many followers you have on social media, or how often people talk about you that puts you on top most search person in Google.

It’s not about what your colleagues and friends says about you. It’s not about what your family and relatives thinks of who you are. It’s not about what your love one or special someone wants you to be. It’s not what you say or how you say to them that matters.

No one can judge you or evaluate you. They don’t have the right to, unless you allow them. Only you can know your own strength and weaknesses on either personally or professionally. You alone knows your own thoughts, your ideas, your actions, and your beliefs.

Remember, do not allow other people to judge you and denigrate you.

You know what you believe in and you know your maximum potential. It is how much you value yourself. It is how you view yourself, develop yourself, and mature as a person. Only you can know your true worth.



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Just Let Things Happen. If It Makes You Happy, Just Do It.

Before, I am the type of person who keep on worrying over small stuff. I often over think, and my imaginative mind would picture out the worst case scenarios. I have been trying my very best to rectify this, and focus more of being a positive thinker. Less worrying and letting things happen.

Yes, I just let things happen. Enjoying myself, indulging in what life can offer. It is more fun living in a worry free, and less stress new version of myself.

Most of us worry too much. Worrying about our future, our family, our job, our boss, our colleagues, our friends, our neighbors, our pay checks, our bills, the monthly expenses, our health, the kid’s tuition fees, rising prices of commodities, fluctuation in currency exchange rates, our country’s current President and it’s Administration, etc. We even worry about what other people think of us, and what they say behind our backs. Oh yes, we worry too much. Remember this, too much worrying causes stress. Too much stress causes health problems. Health problems leads us to dying at a young age. Bottom line, do not worry too much.

Do what makes you happy. If you love your work, then make the most out of it. If you love your friends, enjoy every moment with them. If you love your family, rather than stressing on small stuffs from worrying too much, enjoy your time being with them. If you want to be successful, take the first step, and take action. Keep pursuing on what you wanted the most.

Just do what you wanted to do. Do it now. You may never have the time to do it later if you keep worrying of the aftermath. Time is precious. Listen to that strong feeling of yours. Say what you wanted to say, and do what you love to do. Life is precious. Live a happy and awesome life. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Enjoy every single moment. JUST DO IT.




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Embracing Fallibility


Even the knowledge of my own fallibility cannot keep me from making mistakes. Only when I fall do I get up again.

~ Vincent Van Gogh ~

I am not perfect. I admit I make mistakes and have the tendency to be wrong. As humans we are all fallible.


I have my own beliefs and principles. Following it makes me more in line with my inner self as it reflects my values in life. But sometimes, you tend to deviate from it. To yield, give in, and concede to someone you value the most. Even to the point of knowing it is not right anymore. I’ve done wrong. Just for the sake of making someone happy.


I’ve done my part. It may not be the best, but I’ve tried. I did’nt have enough time though, there is always not enough time as it seems. Or I wasn’t given enough time at all.

Making mistakes means learning. I’ve tried something I’ve never imagine doing in my lifetime. I admit, it was exciting and awesome experience. 

The beauty lies in the experience I’ve gained. Those precious experiences kept in memories, I’ll be reminiscing for a lifetime.


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