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My Bare Naked Feet

By Loveallie Lao


To and fro, here and there, where ever I go from farthest walk to short distance, my feet get tired easily. Sensitive from uncomfortable shoes or any kind of footwear, it easily get blistered and callused.


When I travel, sight seeing, and touring the best attractions by foot is really not a good idea. Though I get to take good photos, my feet suffers the most. At the end of the day, soaking myself in a bathtub full of hot water seems to help my tired numb feet and legs. Soaking it on hot water with Epsom salt, works like magic too. Massage and foot spa are the best remedies. 


I like to massage them at home with lotions and massage oils. When pampering myself, getting a foot spa at my fave salon is one of my stress reliever. They give free pedicure but I only want the cleaning. As I call it “my untouch virgin feet”, never have I experience removing my cuticles nor have my toe nails polished since birth. 


My feet were plain, simple, and not perfect. I like it bare. I love the look of my naked feet.