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Enthralling Monte Fort and The Ruins

By Loveallie Lao


I often visit The Ruins whenever I’m in Macau. But it was only on the 3rd visit that I discovered adjacent to it is the famous Mount Fortress and Macau Museum, both located on the East side of The Ruins.


A South European style single-storey barrack was transformed into a Meteorological Bureau. A famous attraction to tourist for its historical significance as they can see the old defunct cannons lined up on the old fortress, an ancient bell and tower. Mount Fortress or Fortaleza do Monte (also know as “Monte Forte”) in Portuguese originally belonged to the St. Paul’s Church, to protect it and defend against pirates, but was later on used as military fort.  The city’s primary defense before with supplies enabling them to survive a two-year siege.



Don’t forget to bring bottled water with you. The climb uphill, and the stones steps are a bit steep to reach Mount Fortress. The climb to the top was worth it, a bird’s eye view of Macau’s cityscape was magnificent. Dreading the walk back, decided to follow where the people are headed. Only to discover a quick shortcut through the museum, where you can ride down the escalator with the comfort of the air-conditioned museum. Museu de Macau started its construction in 1996, and currently it housed some sacred paintings, lithurgical objects, sculptures, and historical relic



My first time to visit The Ruins, we only took photos of the baroque facade from the bottom steps. We’ve been walking the whole day, and seeing the uphill climb of several steps seems exhausting. 68 steps to be exact as I counted it on my second visit, where I was able to reached the top. Seeing up close the 4 colonnaded tiers structure known for it’s Western and Eastern fusion of cultures. The Ruins of St. Paul’s is a Portuguese Church built by Jesuits that began in 1602. Also known as “Mater Dei“, was destroyed by a fire during a typhoon in 1835.


The facade is rich in ornamentations, full of classic characteristics, and Chinese inscriptions. Tourists are allowed to go up the top of the facade, climbing from behind via the steel stairway. Some says it is customary to throw coins towards the top window of The Ruins, for luck. Don’t know how true it is. Still behind the historic structure of the  facade is a crypt containing bones of Vietnamese and Japanese martyrs.


The fun part was sitting on the lower level steps, enjoying the street foods while taking selfies (photo taken by oneself with smartphone), and several snapshots with the full view of the facade as the background.



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Point and Shoot: Sentosa Beach

By Loveallie Lao


Photo taken from one of my Sentosa escapades


Sentosa Beach, Sentosa Island.
A quarter mile away from the main island of Singapore. Sentosa is basically an island full of man-made beaches for tourist attraction as well as for locals who would love to spend their weekend away from home, an escape from the city.


Long ago, this island was called “Dead Black Island”, due to lack of fertile soil, and seen as too unhealthy for habitation.


The development of the island began in 1972, this was converted into man-made beaches. The sands where imported from neighboring Asian countries. On the same year, the island was renamed to Sentosa. From Sanskrit “Santosha”, a Malay word meaning “peaceful and tranquility”.


Sentosa can be reach via cable car, sky train, by car, or even on foot. For several times, I go back to this serene, scenically relaxing beaches (Palawan, Siloso, and Tanjong) of Sentosa.




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My Fave Photos of The Venetian

Taken from a Canon digital camera.

By  Loveallie Lao

As I travel, I often take photos. Most of the time, I forgot I have several pictures stash away on a hard drive. Thankful for Facebook, I can upload photos, and review them whenever and wherever I want to.


The huge golden globe at the main lobby


I’ve been to Macau several times, and staying at The Venetian is a must. The stunning replicas of the famous canals with a romantic ride in an authentic gondola, and the architectural icons of Venice, Italy.


Credits to the owner of the photo. I don’t have a photo of the gondola


For a romantic date? Experience a serenade from the gondolier as you ride from San Luca throughout the Grand Canals. Surely the gondola ride has taken its effect to both of you after.


How about a humorous streetmosphere walk with that special someone? Fascinated by the living statues with their immovable poses. Kindly check their time schedule, saw them at noon and 6pm. I didn’t notice it earlier. But the second time, it wink on me as I passed by. It’s alive!



The spacious suites, or can I say luxurious amount of space, and loving the Italian marble bathrooms.



A fifteen minutes dip of hot bath on that bathtub after a tiresome day of adventure, is the best way to relieve my tired numb feet. Listening to Enya or Yanni, I might end up sleeping on that tub.



Taking photos first before going down to the casino, or else they might confiscate my camera. For coffee and tea lovers like me, I get them for free at the casino. Watching people play, and observing their reactions as you roam around amuses me. Hearing curses, either winning or loosing, casino lingo or jargon, whatever they say in their local language.


Shopping? You’ll love the indoor luxury duty free shoppes, while walking on Italian like streets. Food? Variety of Japanese, Chinese and Western cuisines. For a small person like me, their food serving is huge, though it is just a normal serving for other people. I need someone to share it with, so the food won’t go wasted.


I have several photos taken outside The Venetian. I only posted few of them, the ones that fascinates me the most.


Taken on my second visit.


Kindly ask for permission before grabbing my photos please. Thank you for taking time reading my blog. I’m a newbie, so feel free to comment.