Hanging On

People are scared of darkness, and we tend to get rid of that darkness. Although we thought it would take a lifetime to. Honestly, it only takes a moment for the light to shine upon that darkness. If we allow it.


Sometimes we feel this suffocating sense of wrongness. Anyone who suffers from stress or trauma can experience a mental breakdown. When we are stuck, facing hurdles and unbearable obstacles in life, we tend to get hopeless and depressed. We all lose our mind at some point. It’s all right.


Anyone can have scary thoughts in their minds. However, we don’t act based on our thoughts alone. We assume that they are wrong simply because they are different. It’s a scary thought though. We shouldn’t judge people base on their differences. Humans can be good by nature. But even the good person hurt others.


There’s a thin line that shouldn’t be crossed. The point of no return.


It is important that we should let go of everything every once in a while. For our own sanity. Believe me this is very effective for our mental health.


We just need to get through the obstacles. By then, we can become blissfully happy. We deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life.


Try to remember that, sometimes, ‘less’ is very often ‘more.’ Keeping something simple is essential for one’s progress. Since we tend to complicate things. We often forget the vital purpose of our existence. We lose sight of what we really believe in.


Hope can be found even in the darkest moments. Stay strong and be positive. Be optimistic in life’s challenges. Like the light that devours the darkness. Conquer your fears, take control of your life, and forget the word ‘quit.’ We already have what it takes to pursue what we want in life, and that is strength and courage.


Start each day with a new, positive outlook in life. Be determined, and make a concrete steps one at a time. Believe in limitless possibilities. Be confident, and have faith in yourself.


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