Is it Self Admiration or Being Boastful and Conceited?

When someone is over confident and think highly of oneself, some people tag that person as conceited, egoistic, and boastful. I oppose to this kind of negative thinking. 
People with high self confidence are the most influential motivators, with the most accomplishment in result performance level. People with high level of self confidence, has high expectation about one’s future capabilities.
People with great minds admire people with high sense of self-worth. Admiring one’s self greatly helps you succeed in life. 

When people boast and brag, it’s because they have something to brag on. They are confident enough to challenge other people to also accomplish and acquire what they have. Positive thinkers view this as way of motivation.
If you cannot admire yourself, who will?

If you cannot acknowledge your worth and accomplishments, who will?



7 thoughts on “Is it Self Admiration or Being Boastful and Conceited?

  1. Hi Allie, thank you for this article. I was raised with an above all be humble mindset and t has both served and inhibited my opportunities. I am currently on a path of self-respect… Celebrating what I have already done, appreciating what I can currently do, and embracing the challenges of what’s to come.

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    • Hello Mario, I was also brought up in an environment where humility is of great value because they believe you’ll have better social relationships. But when I need to self promote my blog, some people misunderstood the intention as boasting and that I was being conceited. Well, they often misinterpret what I say and write. I need to improve my way of writing hahaha


      • I completely understand. Imagine that I’ve heard those sorts of comments for years and they are still hard to hear… in fact, when I started networking face to face, I even got that sort of response once when I was invited to talk about what I do for a living. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I decided that there is now way to reach everyone and the only ones that matter are the ones that get us. The rest can live in ignorance of our gifts and graces… HeeHee!


  2. Walking the talk or leading by example is the kind of confidence that can truly motivate. We all have something to be proud of that is worthy of emulation by others. May those be noticed or may we be able to exemplify it to others, not to boast but to inspire.
    I agree with Alesia Taylor, there’s a difference between confidence and arrogance. And this post depicts the confidence devoid of arrogance.
    Love this piece, Allie!

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    • Hello Alesia, I agree with with you. I admire people who are able to show off their accomplishments. I also like people who has the air of arrogance in them, who are able to elegantly get away with it in a dominating influence. 😊


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