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My Odd Day

By Loveallie Lao


Waking up to my neighbor’s drunk singing isn’t a good way to start my day. Today was my first time to nag on social media just to express my self. But after posting it, I realized something is wrong with me. Did I woke up on the wrong side of the bed? To prevent my self from posting more ranting and negativity, I turned off my smartphone for few hours.


It didn’t go away. That feeling, I don’t know what it is. I guess I’m lonely? ¬†Am I sad or depressed? This is not so me. I’m trying to be positive most of the time, keep my self motivated and read more on motivational books. But today, even meditation didn’t work out for me.


Browsing through my tablet, I saw an old photo. Forgot where and when it was taken. But looking at it, I smiled and said to myself “Oh this photo represents what I am going through today.”


I cannot express it in words but I guess this photo does it.



This photo was zoom in from the sea shore, so I can capture the boats man. It’s a blurry photo since I was using a cheap digital camera. This was taken several years ago.