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My Komorebi

Now I’m stuck

muddled thinking

might go amuck

sure I’m a ditzy

as I often forget

you’re my komorebi

shining very brightly

it led my way

out of my gnawing ennui.



 komorebi 2a

Photo credits to the owner https://www.fragrantica.com


​To bare one’s soul

which is often jaded and bruised

Seeing your bright light

full of radiance like crepuscular rays

Drawn to your halo

being entice by your blazing flame

I am often lost 

in the stillness of your presence

Unleashing the desire of

what was once a sleeping heart


Share Your Smile

A smile is a gift

that makes my heart leap

That smile looks good on you

but you don’t have a clue

A kind of smile 

that makes your day brighter

as it makes my day happier

A sweet smile

that shows you care

No matter how I stare

I can’t find that smile elsewhere

A smile of apparent debonair

that you should willingly share