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Face Your Own Feelings

By Loveallie Lao

I was once afraid of what was, and of what I become.

I have these hidden emotions, that I myself do not understand. But I have to face them, or it might explode later and destroy myself. I know that denying my emotions will cause build up that will later on do more damage. These disturbing emotions can creep into one’s subconscious mind. I needed to learn how to face it and deal with it. Searching for answers deep inside my heart.

I stop resisting the way I feel and allow myself to feel these emotions. By accepting my feelings without judging and opposing. I know it takes a lot of mental effort to deal with my own feelings. But by allowing it to be, this shall pass.
Sense of validation. By acknowledging, accepting, and knowing what they are. Either you are anxious, angry, sad, guilty, distress, etc. By allowing yourself to feel these, brings you to a better position to change. Knowing that these feelings were within you made you superior by controlling how you feel.

Pay attention on how intense these emotions are for you to enable to understand yourself better. Calm yourself. When these emotions reel in, knowing how to calm and put yourself into tranquil state enables you to gain control of yourself.

Surround yourself with people who will lift you up, and stay away from people who will drag you down. Being emotionally healthy means being in control of yourself despite how you feel. By being able to express yourself not only helps you handle life’s challenges but also helps you build strong relationships.


What you can feel, you can heal. ~ John Gray ~



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