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The Intrinsic Part of Who I am

By Loveallie Lao

People see me as calm, silent and patient. I guess it’s true most of the time. But ones in a blue moon, I tend to be crazy, paranoid and temperamental. But only the one’s closest to my heart see me this way.  Other people just don’t get me and others just see what they want to see me as. 

We are humans, we are entitled to be the person who we really are and not the person who others wants us to be. Though they expect so much from us, respect us, and put us up on pedestal as if everything you do is perfect. Hey, no one is perfect.

Life sucks? Yes, it does sometimes get into your system. Everything seems to go wrong and every move you do seems to do more damages. And when someone ask you “Are you okay?”, saying  “I’m fine” would be the best answer, for them to leave you alone. I wanted to be left alone. Spreading negativity is like spreading a virus. It contaminates people faster than one can imagine, and even the positive minded people catches it. If I go AWOL , I’m not deserting you. I just need time to recuperate.

Having a good day? Everyone is hoping to have a good day every day. If you do, tell every person you know about it. Good news are often welcomed. Who knows you might brighten up someone else’s day. As blessings comes your way, better share them. Since blessings attracts more blessings to people who appreciates it the most. If you see my post is more of good news and positivity, just go with it. I am not bragging, I am just sharing positive vibes around. Hoping to infect others with positive energy.


Have an awesome day everyone.