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The Changing World


By Loveallie Lao


We are now living in a fast paced technology driven world. Almost everyone own a smart phone now a days. Who wouldn’t? When you can access your email, interact with your friends and family on social media, and do your work anytime. Take good photos and videos, that came in handy when you forgot your camera.


You can access internet anywhere and any time you want. Anything you need to know, you can type it on any search engine, and you get your answers in few seconds. You need to travel, buy a plane ticket, and book a hotel. All you need to do is book online, pay online, and you’ll receive your confirmation via email in few minutes.  You can even do web check-in several hours prior to your flight schedule. You can buy anything you need online, and have it delivered at your doorsteps. You can pay your bills online, transfer funds to your friends and love ones via online banking 24/7.


When your phone is lost, stolen, or misplaced. You can tract it, and find it even after you lost it.

1.) For Android users, you can remotely locate your phone via ADM (Android Device Manager). You’ll be able to track your lost device, let it ring, or wipe its data. If you need to know more in details, click on the link provided. http://trendblog.net/how-to-track-your-lost-android-phone-without-tracking-app/.

2.) For iPhone and iPod users, head over to icloud.com and log in using our Apple ID. Once signed in, you should see the iCloud dashboard with different icons. Click on “Find My iPhone”. You should be able to see the Find My iPhone interface, icluding the map.


Need to do some photo editing? You can install several photo editing tools from Google play store. I use Photoshop Express, ibisPaint X, and Photo Overlays. In combination of these three apps, I get the result I want.


You can even install Word, Excel, Power Point, and PDF. So you can work on the go. Without the hassle of bringing your laptop with you.


You can install applications you needed the most. If you’re a frequent traveller, your phone for sure has a Google Translator installed, and a Currency Converter app. Probably has a OneNote installed to record your travels, or write your journals. If you love music, and your work is related to music. Your phone probably has a Music Composer, a Music Mixer, and a Bass Booster app. If you love to draw, your phone may also have a Sketch Book (by Autodesk), and Sketch app (by Sony mobile).
Almost everything you need, fuse into one small gadget. The powerful gadget, that if we let it, might dominate our world we live in. He/she may forget the car key but not the mobile phone. Of course, that gadget pays for the food, and transportation with just one tap.


I guess most of us can relate. Some one goes paranoid over loosing a mobile phone rather than loosing a wallet.




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