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Convergence: Everything Has A Reason

There is always a reason for everything that has transpired. Even coincidences are not just mere coincidence, they are bound to happen. Everything and everyone are interconnected in a way. The coming together of two or more entities or phenomena known as convergence. In a way has a greater impact in our life.

“Don’t dismiss the synchronicity of 

what is happening right now

finding its way to your life

at this moment.

There are no coincidences in the universe,

only convergence of Will, Intent, and Experience.”

~ Neale Donald Walsch –

” I believe there are no random meetings in our lives

-that everyone we touch, who touches us, 

has been put in our path for a reason.

The briefest encounter can open a door,

or heal a wound, or close a circle

that was started long before your birth.”

~ Susanna Kearsley ~





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Book lovers have the habit of ‘Tsundoku’.  

Saving it for rainy days marathon reading? 

Either curled up on bed, or just enjoy reading while sipping hot mocha latte in between pages. But never got the time to do it.

Just collecting books. To fill in the book shelf.  😊😊😊

Courage to Choose

By Loveallie Lao

Discover the greater possibility of finding the way of life you want and love.

Choose to:

  1. Get out of your comfort zone.
  2. Try something new. Discover things. Do what you’ve never dared to do.
  3. Be unafraid to mess up and fail. Everyone fails. Face your fear and vulnerability.
  4. Believe that everything will turn out well, despite the fear and uncertainty.
  5. Challenge yourself, to be able to explore and discover your full potential.
  6. Grab opportunities. Create one if you have to. Take chances. Take actions.
  7. Improve and to develop your leadership skills.
  8. Develop the power of discernment. To be able to follow your gut feeling.
  9. Be decisive and full of determination.
  10. Believe in your willpower and your strength.
  11. Invest in yourself, and be confident.
  12. Love, seek greater understanding, and be compassionate.
  13. Be relentless. If you want something or someone, go for it. Do not falter nor waver.
  14. Allow yourself to speak out, and let people know what you think.
  15. Be yourself.

Have the courage to choose wisely. You owe it to yourself.

Choose to be in control of your life.

Choose to believe.

Choose to be successful.

Choose to dream big. 

Choose to focus on your goal.

Choose to follow your heart.

Choose to be happy.


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Be Mindful

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Make it a habit to practice mindfulness.
Always pay extra attention to people you meet, and interact with. Be careful of what you say. Take heed, and be selective with your words. Some people have bad days, some have lost a love one, or a recent breakup, some maybe suffering from illness, some are recovering from depression, and some are on the verge of self destruct.

What you say matters the most to some people. Your words have greater impact. It represents how you feel about yourself, and they can impact on how others think and feel. It may discourage them or encourage them. It may inspire or motivate them. Words are powerful enough to change one’s life.

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings.  Your thoughts have tremendous power if you believe in them. The process of noticing, and selecting your own thoughts will help you immensely in becoming more aware. It helps you to be less reactive to negative thoughts that consumes your energy, and limiting your own growth. You should be holding positive thoughts, and pursue habitual positive actions. Your habitual actions represents who you are, it becomes your character. 

Mindfulness improves your emotional and social intelligence, and it develops your empathy and compassion. Being mindful may also increase your focus and attention.

Practice self-awareness, as it can be helpful in your daily life. Meditation, Yoga, and Tai-chi are some helpful ways to improve your mental well-being as you continue to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness can transform your entire world. The more mindful you are, the more happier the people that surrounds you, and the happier you can become.


“Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny.” — Chinese proverb


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Your Destiny

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Have you ever wonder what your future may bring?

The path you choose to walk on, is the future you are creating.

You have the power to shape your life according to your own will.

Choices and decisions are yours to begin with.

So, go ahead and create that amazing future you deserve.

You are incredible, amazing, and awesome! Remember that.

Tai Hsuan (Great Mystery)

Classical combination of Taoism with elements of Confucian ethics.

“The Supremely Profound Principal deeply permeates all species of things but its physical form cannot be seen. It takes nourishment from emptiness and nothingness and derives its life from Nature. It penetrates the past and present and originates the various species. It operates yin and yang and starts the material force in motion. As yin and yang unite, all things are complete on Heaven and on Earth. The sky and sun rotate and the weak and strong interact. They return to their original position and thus the beginning and end are determined. Life and death succeed each other and thus the nature and the destiny are made clear. Looking up, we see the form of the heavens. Looking down, we see the condition of the earth. We examine our nature and understand our destiny. We trace our beginning and see our end. … Therefore the Profound Principle is the perfection of utility.

“To see and understand is wisdom. To look and love is humanity. To determine and decide is courage. To control things universally and to use them for all is impartiality. To be able to match all things is penetration. To have or not to have the proper circumstance is destiny. The way by which all things emerge from vacuity is the Way. To follow the principles of the world without altering them and to attain one’s end is virtue. To attend to life, to be in society, and to love universally is humanity. To follow order and to evaluate what is proper is righteousness. To get hold of the Way, virtue, humanity, and righteousness and put them into application is called the business of life. To make clear the achievement of nature and throw light on all things is called yang. To be hidden, without form, deep and unfathomable, is called yin. Yang knows yang but does not know yin. Yin knows yin but does not know yang. The Profound Principle alone knows both yin and yang, both going and stopping, and both darkness and light.”

Writings of Yang Hsiung (53 B.C. to 18 A.D.)

Tai Hsuang Ching (Classic of the Supremely Profound Principle) (9) 7:5a-9b

From the original post titled as Development of Taoism

Emotional Discipline: Be in Control

By Loveallie Lao

Sometimes you get angry easily, and staying angry for too long. Do not let this feeling take control over you.

Pay attention and watch over your own feelings. You must control your impulse. Otherwise, it may result to conflicts, and create some disagreements.

We all lived differently. As we experience life’s struggles, doesn’t mean upsetting others and creating conflicts are acceptable. Some may understand you, some may not. One must obey the proper code of behavior.

By focusing on emotional discipline, you may be able to unlock greater achievements. Great leaders possess these qualities. The ability to think first before acting. The ability to control their reactions amidst difficulties and vexations. Able to face obstacles and problems head on without being too emotionally affected. Getting fired up, and staying motivated despite the hurdles and road blocks. Great leaders know exactly how to handle and take control over their emotions.

Emotional discipline means emotional self-control. It can either bring you sadness, or it can bring you happiness. It can lead you to your own downfall, or it may lead you to your success. It’s up to you, but I suggest you select happiness and success.

Feelings are strong forces, where in these emotions can be your primary source of energy and motivations. The way you feel gives bigger impact in your everyday life.

Use the power of emotional discipline to develop, and customize it to your own advantage and benefits base on your own needs. These emotions sets up the capacity to significantly deal with your current, and future hurdles and challenges.

You have that control. The power to discipline yourself to become big and successful in life. Take that chance and get hold of that opportunity.



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Repair Life in a Kintsukuroi Way

By Loveallie Lao

It’s not about trying to fix something that’s broken.

It’s about starting over, and creating a beautiful masterpiece from the broken pieces.

What’s left are often relentless, the strongest, and everlasting.

It will never be the same again, but it can be transformed into an exquisite artwork.

A priceless piece!

Let us repair our life in a Kintsukuroi way. Broken pieces of moments tranformed into an exquisitely, awesome, and amazing life.



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