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Attraction. Carpe Diem!

By Loveallie Lao



At luck. A hottie showed up in a secluded café, alone. Oh! What a nice view from where I am at. While enjoying my mocha latte, I couldn’t help but stare. I know staring is rude. Musing, as I spotted his muscled arm lifting his coffee mug. I should have worn a dress or a sexy outfit, but instead I was wearing my usuals (shorts and shirt). Caught him glancing at me from afar. Can’t help but giggled, hoping he didn’t saw it.


Everyone knows that having the perfect physique catches more attention, the “head-turner” as we call it. That is why most of us pay more attention to our physical appearance. We take good care of ourselves from head to toe. We dress to impress, especially to those ungifted in physical appearance.


When we think about dating and choosing a partner, often times we think being attractive and sexy are on top of the list. Oh well, it is for me. But not everyone agreeing on my opinion. I have my exercise routine to stay fit and sexy. Besides it boost my confidence level too. Especially when other people find me attractive and desirable. I am not boasting. I’ve worked hard for it, gave extra attention to myself to maintain my physique.


But what really make us attracted to someone? I have no clue either. What I know, I have this feeling that I am drawn to that someone, a certain “chemistry” with another person. As they say “sparks fly”, but we barely know how that spark started. It happens, it’s there, and we feel it.


We all know, physical attraction are short-term. It often lean towards sexual relationship. But if the relationship heads towards intimacy and long-term, good looks becomes of less importance. But then as time goes by, being in a long-term relationship, we tend to loose the emotional intimate connection.  As both partner are busy with their life, they tend to forget to pay extra attention to their appearance. The main reason that started their attraction, what catches each others attention way back then.


Everyone have certain traits that other people find it attractive. The way we laugh, the way we move, the way we touch, our skills and styles, our level of intelligence, our behaviour itself, etc. Depending on what type of relationship we want, we are drawn to someone that most likely closest to our preferences.


Supposedly we find that person, it is how we convey our self to another person. To create that feeling of connection, to pique someone’s sexual and romantic interest. Not just verbal communication, but you would prefer to have a relationship that is physically and emotionally in sync with that special someone.


So go ahead, lean forward, get that person’s attention, pair up your eye contact with your best smile. Seize the day!




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