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Void – Emptiness

By Loveallie Lao



There is this certain area, that is unfilled, empty, blank, and bare. No matter how you ignore and forget about it, it is there.
In life, we call them emptiness.


When you stop caring, and you feel like you’re abandoning yourself. When everything seems so distant and blurry…   Stop. Just stop.


Take some time off (on everything), and allow yourself to heal. Reconnect with your inner self. Everyone is allowed to feel sad, to feel down, and be depress. But, you alone can decide when and how to deal with it. Just don’t take too long, bouncing back up is the most important part.


Accept and acknowledge your feelings. Be compassionate to your self. Understanding oneself is the hardest thing to do. You have to win the battle against your self, to make the right decision.


People at one point in their life, feel sad, feel empty, feel lost and alone. This is just normal, especially when you loose someone special in your life. You need time alone to grieve. When you just experience a recent breakup, you need time alone for you to self heal.


Having an outlet to express the pain and sadness may save you from progressing to depression state. You have to seek support with your friends and family. Talk about how you feel and how it affects you. Talk to some experts on this matter and seek advice on how to deal with it. Engage in physical activities like workouts, yoga, tai chi, dancing, boxing or kick boxing, running, etc. Anything that keeps you busy.


At some point in our life, one cannot escape…

the stillness of ones mind

the emptiness of ones heart

unending pain and suffering

hollowness or the gap

unfilled, void


SNAP back to reality, gather your strength, and take charge of your future self. No one can do this for you, but you alone. Be brave and conquer your inner self. Life is precious, life is beautiful, and life is awesome. You deserve to experience the greatness of what life has to offer.


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