Procrastinating. After my father’s death (April 30, 2018), I’ve been delaying everything. Lost, maybe in my own imaginary hiding place I’ll find comfort and courage again to face reality. How time flies so quickly. Days have been filled with chores, like a robot who does routines automatically without thinking.


Like a blank sheet waiting, my life is on hold.  The unspoken words, deep sadness, the undescribable feelings, and woebegone. Like a struggling caterpillar. Gathering up courage, that one of these days I’ll pick up my pen and notebook to start all over again.

3 thoughts on “Lamentation

  1. I’m sorry to know about the sad demise of your father. I hope you’ll recover from it very soon although it is not so easy. Nice to know you are already picking up your pen


  2. I’m sorry to hear this Lao. I know the only thing that I can say now that be brave and move forward. But I also know how hard it is. I am suffering from a much lesser pain than what you have and it takes a lot of heart to get up every morning and move forward. Let the words heal you. ..


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