Choosing Enthusiasm

My zeal seems to intensify. The unexplainable feeling of excitement mixed with inspiration. This feeling started when I received the unexpected phone call. My heart leap, and it beats faster than the usual. I felt my smile went up to my ears.

Several hours before the phone call, I was contemplating on being enthusiastic. Writing down a list of what makes me excited. The list was short, mostly focus on material things. I realized, it’s time for me to change. I decided to be grateful once again over small stuff, simple things to be excited like the unexpected phone call. To certainly wake up the next morning, choosing to start my day with enthusiasm. Oh yes, once you’re decided you’ll feel it.

We seldom feel this way. Most of us forgot what it feels as we are so focus on our day to day routine and activities. Most women indulge in shopping to feel the excitement of wearing brand new clothes, bags, purse, and shoes. Oh don’t forget the bling blings and the shiney shimmering jewelries. While most men shop for electronic gadgets, toys for the big boys, car accessories, and buying a brand new car. Yes, we all want to experience that excitement again and again.

As for my own realization, we can change our outlook in life. Be grateful and try to get excited over small stuffs. Get excited by:

1) the good taste and aroma of brewed coffee in the morning. Some people can’t even afford to buy a cup of coffee.

2) the luxury of having hot bath (hot shower) every morning and at night. Some people are freezing and can’t affort to pay for public bath (it is called sentō in Japan and jjimjilbang in Korea).

3) the smiles you receive from strangers. Smile back and be grateful some people notices you as you pass by.

4) the tons of workloads and paperworks at your office table. Be thankful you still have a job. 

5) the traffic jam on your way home. Appreciate it, since you didn’t get into any accidents and you are able to go home safe.

I can go on with the long list but I’ll let you figure out what you should appreciate and be grateful for. Just imagine you’ve lost all the luxury and comfort you have right now. I bet you’ll be excited and happy to have it and experience it again. 

When you wake up, start your day with gratification, excitement, and enthusiasm. The first thing to be thankful for is waking up in a brand new day. You are alive! 
By Loveallie Lao




I'm part of Post A Day 2016



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