Unfinished Masterpiece

By Loveallie Lao


I am my own unfinished masterpiece. A finest work of art that no one can mold but me alone. So today, I choose to fall in love with myself. I choose to be happy, because happiness is contagious. I’m passing it on to everyone. Smile and be the brightest sunshine.


Some people may criticize you, and some will definitely admire you. But they are absolutely not in control of you. Be the master of your own life.


Life is like a canvass. It begins with blank, and everyday is like another brush stroke. A brushwork only a painter can distinctly control and dictate, making it a fine piece of artwork. You are a work in progress. You only get one canvass, so be the painter, and make your life a masterpiece.


Do what you love and do a lot of it. You have to know what sparks the light in you, so that in your own way you can illuminate the world. Fire is beautiful, be that fire. You are magnificent, believe in that.


Attract what you expect, reflect what you desire, become what you respect, and mirror what you admire most. You are amazing, you should remember that.


You are your own unfinished masterpiece. You are the creator of your own destiny, and the script writer of your own life.


Photo credits to the owner, downloaded from google.


I'm part of Post A Day 2016


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