Point and Shoot: Sentosa Beach

By Loveallie Lao


Photo taken from one of my Sentosa escapades


Sentosa Beach, Sentosa Island.
A quarter mile away from the main island of Singapore. Sentosa is basically an island full of man-made beaches for tourist attraction as well as for locals who would love to spend their weekend away from home, an escape from the city.


Long ago, this island was called “Dead Black Island”, due to lack of fertile soil, and seen as too unhealthy for habitation.


The development of the island began in 1972, this was converted into man-made beaches. The sands where imported from neighboring Asian countries. On the same year, the island was renamed to Sentosa. From Sanskrit “Santosha”, a Malay word meaning “peaceful and tranquility”.


Sentosa can be reach via cable car, sky train, by car, or even on foot. For several times, I go back to this serene, scenically relaxing beaches (Palawan, Siloso, and Tanjong) of Sentosa.




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