Clearing The Grey

By Loveallie Lao

Life, as we struggle with it day and night.

Perplexed with the intricacies of making decisions,

when one’s mind is full of confusion.

Many of us panic, that prevent us to make logical thinking when faced with tough decision making.

Never make hasty decisions. Weigh the problems carefully, and consider all options. Emotions may sometimes cloud our judgements, so do not act on impulse.

Remove all those grey areas from your mind. Eliminate the clutter we hold in our brain. Get rid of the negative thoughts. Empty your mind.

Meditate. Seek a quiet place, away from distractions. I call it ‘My Alone Time’ or ‘My Quiet Time’. Having a time for yourself, focusing on your inner self. You’ll be able to relax your mind and body. Fill in your mind with good thoughts, just positive thoughts. Believe in yourself that you’ll make the right decision. Affirm life, that you can achieve all the greatness in life.



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